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By Nick Hilden JUL 02, 2023
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Power Outage - Emergency Power Supply

Here Are The Incredible Result...

As a camping enthusiast, I love exploring different places with my family and enjoying the beauty of nature. However, our camping experience was often ruined by rainy weather and the noisy and smelly traditional generators. That's why we switched to solar generators and never looked back. 

Among all the products I've tried, the Byrony G2000 is hands down the best. It has made our camping trips more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Here's why...

Problems After a Power Outage

Portable and Compact

One of the main reasons why I chose this solar generator is because of its portability. As someone who loves to go on outdoor adventures, I need a power source that I can easily carry with me on the go. The Byrony G2000 fits the bill perfectly with its compact and lightweight design, making it easy to pack and transport. 

Thanks to the portability of this solar generator, now  I  have the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable source of power no matter where I go. Whether my family and I are enjoying a barbecue at the campground or camping out at the beach, this device has truly transformed the way we experience the outdoors.

High-rated power, Power 99% of Your Devices

Another key factor that I consider when purchasing a generator is the power rating. I needed something that could power all the devices I might need when I'm out camping. At first, I thought a basic solar generator would be sufficient for low-power devices like phones and lights. But then, I came across the Byrony and was amazed to find that it could easily power my portable refrigerator and even a 2000 watt electric grill!

The high 2000w rating of the Byrony means that I can take all the necessary devices with me when I go camping, from my phone and camera to a fan and electric grill. It's the perfect solution for me, giving me the freedom to enjoy the nice outdoors without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Huge Capacity, Provides Power for an Entire Day

Battery capacity is crucial in determining how long a device can be powered. I don't want my electric grill to suddenly stop working while I'm grilling, or my phone running out of battery and losing contact with the outside world. That's why the Byrony's large capacity of 2200wh caught my attention.

After testing, I was amazed to find that the Byrony can power a 100W refrigerator for over 144 hours! And that's not all; it can power a 700W microwave for 3 hours or charge my phone up to 208 times. With the Byrony, I no longer have to worry about "power outages" from time to time.

Power Outage - Emergency Power Supply

Rich Output Ports for Multiple People and Devices to Use

When my family and I go camping, we need to charge many electronic devices. If there aren't enough output ports, we have to wait in line. Therefore, a solar generator must have enough output ports. Byrony has 1 car socket, 2 DC ports, 3 AC sockets, and 4 USB ports, for a total of 10 ports. This is enough to meet our needs and provide stable power supply to 10 devices, solving our problem.

Easy to Use, Noiseless and Odorless

Unlike traditional generators and firewood, Byrony solar generator is noiseless and emission-free. There is no unpleasant odor to pollute the environment or disturb other people in the vicinity, which brings a great enhancement to our outdoor experience.

Plus, they are user-friendly - just unfold the solar panel, place it in the sun for charging, and connect your device. The right weight and size make them very convenient for me. It's that simple!

Peace of Mind Quality Assurance

Byrony G2000 has a long battery life of up to 10 years, requiring lower maintenance costs. Its hexagonal ternary battery pack has high specific energy and power, with over 1000 battery cycles. Plus, it comes with an impressive 5-year warranty, compared to the standard two-year warranty offered by most generators on the market.

Where to Buy...

When it comes to generators, the Byrony G2000 surpasses my expectations in every aspect. In terms of overall performance, no other generator on the market comes close to matching the Byrony. Even at its regular price, I would still rank this unit at the top of my list.

And for those of you reading this, there's even better news. By purchasing a Byrony G2000 through this article, you'll have the chance to get up to $1,700 off . There are still offers and stock available, so don't hesitate and make your purchase today.



For the price it's a good deal.


I used this portable charger a couple of times both indoor and outdoor, from full to depletion, and the wattage and time are very close to the production description. 


I tested it with phone and tablet charging with results meeting expectation, and I pluged in a 30w LED light, it lasted about 70 hours.


After hurricane Ian we were without power for one week. We would run a generator through the day using it to power appliances.


This power supply and solar panel are great for emergency... You'll have enough power to last for days if you don't use it continuously.


This was a great purchase for me!! I immediately charged and used it the first night powering my CPAP. No noise, no fumes, and plenty of power left over. I purchased this for the specific use of running my CPAP.

Michael Eschmann


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It was a lifesaver. I bought this the day before the hurricane hit it lasted 4 days. I charged my cell 15 times I watched TV for 30 mins several times for news and ran a light all day and night. 

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This is an easy to understand power station.
 And it arrived mostly charged. I bought this in case power goes out from a storm.

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Johnny Valdez

It will keep me connected during a storm.

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Nothing about it I didn't dislike. Works great.

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I am so happy to have this battery. It's light enough to carry around with you, and made very well!

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Very good quality, I'm so happy I have this product, it's been so helpful in many ways.

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I'm in FL. We didn't have power for 2 days with IAN. Now I'm prepared for anything, 

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I will recommend to my friends. I have used it a few times and found it great. I can charge my phone, use my small fan, small heater, and turn on the lights to illuminate me at night.

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I like that it kept my laptop and phone going.

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